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One on One Parent Coaching

Through CBL Parenting Institute we coach parents, helping families grow better relationships with God and each other.


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About Us

Imran and Tami Razvi, parents of 13 by both birth and adoption, share encouragement and practical help for strengthening families.

We started out with three birth children, and then one night we drove to the airport and came home with eight.  This doubled the size of our family overnight, and for the time being, there was chaos.  Then, gradually, we began to strengthen our family unity and grow to have amazing relationships with all our children.  

Since that first adoption of five we have had two more children by birth and adopted three more, to make a total of thirteen.

We have seen miracles happen over and over again.  We have seen the effects of past trauma on children to be so profound as to make it impossible for them to function well physically, emotionally, or mentally.  We have seen God's love conquer their hearts and their pain.  We have seen children with labels rise above those labels and accomplish what was said to be impossible.  In short, we have seen miracles.  

We share with you that there is hope.

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